Thank you for stopping by! Read on below to find out more about my processes and policies. If you have any questions you can always contact me via email at northernmintdesign@gmail.com or by DM on Instagram @northernmint

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop in person?

I do sell at local markets in and around the Edmonton area. Follow my Instagram feed @northernmint for the most up to date information.

Can I do local pick up?

You bet ya! Please use code YEGpickup at check out to waive the shipping fee but understand that if you use the code YEGpickup for free shipping and you are not local your order will be cancelled and you will be refunded. If you will be in the Edmonton area within 2 weeks of your purchase, we may be able to arrange pick up based on availability. Please contact me via email before your purchase to work out the details.

Do you do Custom work?

Yes I do. Please email me to see if our timelines can work out. I do more custom work in the summer months than any other because I am a full time teacher. I have more free time during the summer months. If you are on a tight timeline check out one of my pre-made pieces. Each piece is unique and handmade by me.

Where do my materials come from? Are they ethically sourced?

I acquire all of my materials from reputable local (when available) or international suppliers. My silver is sourced from the USA, the crystals come from local sellers who ensure they are ethically sourced, and my stones come from lapidary artists who cut and polish the stones themselves. I usually rave about how much I appreciate their work on Instagram. Follow me there for their stories and for previews of the stones in my collection.

Why is my piece tarnishing?

Because I strive to ensure that all of my Sterling silver is 92.5%, fine silver and 7.5% copper. I am allergic to most metals, including white gold but I do perfectly fine with my silver. There is no nickel or other alloys in my silver. That being said everyone reacts differently and if you do react, please see medical attention immediately.

I think of tarnish as character and personally love it but, if you do not, please see the care section above.

Why is my finger or skin green?

It is either because of a chemical reaction between the acid in your skin and sweat and the metal in the jewelry or a chemical reaction between a substance on your skin (lotion, creams, soap or other chemicals) and the metal of the ring. This is especially true with copper jewelry or jewelry containing copper like sterling silver. The green colour is not harmful it is a patina forming on the metal (think the beautiful copper metal roofs). To prevent this, do not get the jewelry wet and dry immediately. See above for more care tips.

If you have questions or you would just like to reach out please feel free to email me at northernmintdesign@gmail.com

I will do my best to get back to you within 1 business day. To check out what is going on in the studio or for super secret promo codes be sure to follow us on Instagram @northernmint